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Recommended Art: The 2 movies to watch this Month

If you don’t do anything else this month, do this!

2016 ended with the hysteria of Have a Valentine Dinner with Idris Elba. Now, don’t get me wrong. I have had my moments with Idris, but he is getting on; isn’t he?

trevanteDare: In 2017, let anyone, & I mean anyone, up a video like that with Trevante Rhodes on it! I will be all over that shit like a bad rash. Oh. God. Please. Let Someone.

Last weekend I had 2 dates. Good dates.

The 2nd date was on Saturday with a friend who is culturally cultivated. The movie was the highly recommended Moonlight.

Forget about the movie. I don’t really care about the movie. It is him, he doesn’t become wonderful until the end.

First, it is a clumsy boy who everyone loves to abuse, disabuse & ignore. Except the drug dealer of course. Whatever his name is.

And then it is a teenager who is gay and lost. Abused, disabused & ignored. Or not. And there is another teenage boy who is not so important touching him at some point.

chironSuddenly, from no where, he is this man. No, he is these muscles. these fantastic muscles and the wonderful eyes. He has these awful golden teeth but who cares when you look at those eyes and those muscles.

His regular smile, without the golden teeth, is beautiful.

He is supposed to be gay but I don’t believe it. I would not be having all those feels if he was gay. or? Because if he was gay, only the gay guys would be feeling anything looking at his muscles and his so “come here” eyes. And the lips; just slightly open. Just look at those eyes and those lips!

After Moonlight, I left the movies wondering: “what do I do with all this heat, warmth, wanting love?”

The explanation for my not so lady-ish, catholic nun-recommended feels? I watched Moonlight just 24 hours after watching 50 shades darker. As you can guess, this was with a kind of loose canons gang of friends.

50 shades is ART. Real art. The shit. There is even an art display room called the Red Room. Art in its best form.

I never saw 50 shades of Grey. I read the book. I am pretending to be better that those who watched the movie.


Someone once said to me that the 50 shades franchise is for middle aged women who are starved for fun and sex. This was during a weak moment when I was pretending to be better that those who watched 50 Shades of Grey.

That someone was wrong! Totally not true! They were speaking about the movie. Not Mr Grey.

Mr Grey, the master is h.o.o.o.t. Watch 1:02-1:04 and let me know if that is for middle aged ladies!

I left the movies wondering “what do I do with all this heat, warmth, wanting love??” My wonderful friends recommended a sex shop where I can actually buy the “balls” and other paraphernalia that can be useful.

But just for this night, it was too late to buy any of these wonderful recommendations.

You will thank me after you’ve watched these! Or not.

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Seasonal Happiness?

In the Swedish spring, nights are cold as a witch’s tit. Maybe that is the same in other countries in Europe? Explaining why people get so depressed?

Why do we say that? Who ever touched a witch’s tit? Why touch a witches tit? Did the witch just stand there, say, “wait a minute. Before I bike away” and the she lifted her blouse and said “TOUCH IT!!??”


Anyhow, when we were younger, we would be out all night freezing. Drinking. Dancing. Bar hopping. Club hopping. Calling friends we didn’t even like. And then be home next 2 days recovering from the celebrations.

Hating ourselves. Hating each other. Hating the Swedish spring for its coldness. Promising each other to stop drinking that last glass.

Why do we like to torture ourselves?




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Too Late for Me-but-email got #emailSelfDestruct

If this had happened in 2005, it would have saved me a heap of embarrassment and shame. I sent a letter to the ex, via email. Begging him to take me back. He was my first boyfriend. I was young. He cheated on me multiple times because me, being brought up catholic did not want to have sex. There was more, of course, at there always is more to the story that the one side you hear at first. The toxic things going on in my family made me afraid to get pregnant while still at home. And my cousin who was my age had just had a baby and as I understood it, life was not a bed of roses for her. Rather a bed of thorns mixed with a sweet sour sauce of alcoholism, abuse and misery.

I regretted the email immediately but it was gone. I tried to delete it too. We never got back together, thank God for that. OBVIOUSLY.  He showed the email to all his friends too, just to make things easier for me. The kind douche bag that he was. We shared most friends,since we were all kind of neighbors or went to the same school or went to the same church. The said later that he didn’t think we shared friends. They were all HIS friends and I saw his point when most of them started to avoid me.  I had to close my Hotmail account in a bid to pretend that I never sent that email. And I lost a couple of friends.

So later. much later. much much later. when I said how much I was over him, his friends looked at me as if I was missing 2 nuts in the head and needed fixing. If #emailSelfDelete was a fact then, the douche would have had nothing to show his friends. They would probably had listened to my side of the story then. Now, they just saw the desperate me who was so injured, I was begging for something that was hurting me. And he, being 26 was clever enough to use that against me, that he was a good guy. Why else would I want him back?

Enough about me & a little statistics and BI.

Each able & willing person is sending on average, 50 emails a day. This includes children since children from ages around 8/9 are quite busy on mobiles and ipads as it is.

computer emailsYou don’t believe me? calculate for yourself and let me know! If you prefer, you can exclude the children.

  • Apparently, over 200 billion emails are sent every day!
  • We are a little over 7 billion on this galaxy. This includes children, old people who cannot use computer.
  • 1.9 billion are children.
  • Over 785 million are either totally or partially illiterate. Can they send emails?
  • Around 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty, so no chance they are going round sending emails?

I assume the extremely poor cannot afford the gadgets needed for emails to fly around, but what do I know? Look at Africa and the IT boom!!