To loose love

At 02:00 am, 5 children are standing outside the 3 bedroom house. The youngest boy is between 4-5 years old. He is shaking. Crying. The sister, 14 years old is holding his hand. She too is shaking, but silent. The man. Husband. Father. is beating his wife inside the house. Shouting obscenities. She is a … More To loose love

Parallell cultures

It is a parallell culture ongoing in Stockholm. At Liljeholm square, the women in their long colourful skirts, curly or wavy black hair, sometimes scarfs sometimes not; the women are selling skirts & other details from an Ikea bag. The men, sitting beside are having a heated dialog with each other or on the phone. … More Parallell cultures

You are so lucky…

Yesterday, a colleague informed me that I had recruited very competent requirement analysts. “Thanks!” I said happily. She continued to compliment me & said I had such luck to find these two guys. I “flinched”. I swallowed heavily. I straightened my back & stared at my colleague. I smiled at my colleague. My dearest colleague … More You are so lucky…

The art of loneliness

I read the art of happiness many years ago. Happiness eludes all and becomes a destination instead of a journey. It is one of those books that stay, not the book itself, the ideas shared stay. Like Ann Frank & her diary of life in hiding. Or the story of Mandela’s life. You don’t have to … More The art of loneliness